Sling Libraries

“What’s a sling library?” I hear you asking. A sling library is a wonderful place for advice and assistance if you’d like to try a TwinGo Carrier out before purchasing, or if you’d like face-to-face help with using your TwinGo Carrier. There is a network of sling libraries throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. They’re all independently run, and offer a different services depending on the training of the person leading the sling library and depending on how their business model runs.

Most sling libraries hold sling meets, and these are mainly run on a voluntary basis. Some sling meets are run by a sling consultant, and others are run by a peer supporter. They’ll be able to help you use your TwinGo Carrier safely and comfortably.

TwinGo Carrier leaves you with hands-free to get stuff done.
Photo thank you to Anna Marshall
St Ives Sling Library
Stamford & Peterborough Sling Library
Sling Library Northern Ireland
York Sling Library
East Surrey Slings
South East Slings
Bristol Sling Ladies
Ipswich and Colchester Sling Library
Exeter Sling Library
South East London Slingers
Abingdon – Willow Village
Postal hire
Koala Slings
Its A Sling Thing
South East Slings