How do I make the TwinGo Carrier hood smaller?

The hood on your TwinGo Carrier has a drawstring cord on either side. If you would like your TwinGo Carrier hood to be on the smallest setting, we suggest you remove the hood from the TwinGo Carrier first. Then tighten it all the way, before returning it by snapping it onto the TwinGo Carrier.


Twin Baby Carrier Sleep Hood AdjustedTwin Baby Carrier Sleep Hood Adjustments


What are the mystery snaps on the TwinGo Carrier waistband?

The snaps on the Waist Flaps on your TwinGo Carrier are there so that you can attach the Hood Extension Straps. This prevents the hood from flopping around when you have it down. The TwinGo Carrier waistband snaps are most helpful when you’re using your TwinGo Carrier for the back carry position, as they allow parents to quickly find the Extension Straps to bring the TwinGo Carrier hood up. They also  reduce user error when loading a baby on your back in the TwinGo Carrier.

The TwinGo Carrier hood can act as additional head support for a baby with poor head and neck control, or for a sleeping baby. Start by rolling the TwinGo hood toward the interior panel. Position the rolled TwinGo hood behind the baby’s neck to provide additional support.

TwinGo Carrier waistband showing hood snap.

How can I get my baby on my back in the TwinGo Carrier, up higher?

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If you are carrying twins or two small babies in the Dual Carry Position or one small baby in the Back Carry Position, you may wish to set up the TwinGo Carrier so that you can see your baby on your back over your shoulder.

If you cannot see your baby, try wearing the TwinGo Carrier waist belt higher. Another technique to try is adjusting the Perfect Fit Adjusters on the TwinGo Carrier shoulder straps.

When tandem carrying your toddler (on your back) and your baby (on your front) in your TwinGo Carrier, you may find it helpful to separate the two waist belts. This means that the TwinGo Base Carrier—the carrier on your back—can be worn lower or higher than the TwinGo Attachment Carrier—the carrier on your front.

When I separate the TwinGo Carrier into two carriers, are both carriers able to do front and back positions?

Good news – yes! When you divid your TwinGo Carrier into two independent carriers, you can use each one for front carries and for back carries.

You can also carry use your Attachment Carrier (the carrier with the orange interior, or with yellow interior) to carry your child (over 4 months and with good head control) on your hip.

Can I use my TwinGo Carrier to carry a toddler and a baby?

Yes, your TwinGo Carrier is ideal for carrying two children of different ages!

Each carrier in the TwinGo Carrier supports a child up to 45 lbs in single-child carry positions. As a tandem carrier, the TwinGo Carrier supports up to 70 lbs in the double-child/tandem carrying position.

We strongly recommend that you carry your toddler on your back and your baby on the front if tandem carrying in the TwinGo Carrier. Although it may be possible to carry your children with the much larger and heavier child on the front, we advise against it for your baby’s safety.

When tandem carrying a toddler and a small baby in your TwinGo Carrier, you may find it helpful to separate the two waist belts. This provides variable heights on your torso for each child.

Can I do a hip carry with my TwinGo Carrier?

The Attachment Carrier (the carrier with the orange interior) can be worn with a single child on the adult’s hip. The TwinGo User Manual has been updated with step-by-step instructions to assist parents with this position. The Base Carrier does not allow for Hip Carry.